I write about American religions.

My reporting has won the Rockower Award for Excellence in Feature Writing and a Silurians Press Club award.

In 2020, a series of my profiles of religious figures was awarded a first place prize by the Society for Features Journalism. Those judges wrote, “Deeply reported and well-written profiles of fascinating religious figures. As a collection, they reveal as much about American spirituality as the individuals.”

For The New York Times, I’ve written about New Age superstar Marianne Williamson and A Course In Miracles; an End Times evangelist who says the Bible foretold Donald Trump; the revival of a forgotten 19th-century scripture called the Oahspe; poet-turned-psychic Jane Roberts’s Seth channeling; and NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire’s turn towards Judaism.

I’ve also written about the famed New York subway psychic known as Keano, the business of magic amulets, Jewish Sufis, Theosophists, Nation of Islam bean pies and an enterprising vampire guru.

Find some of that writing here.

I’m a contributing editor and former staff writer at The Forward. I’ve also written at length about Black Israelites or Hebrew Israelites. This work has recently been anthologized in a series from Routledge.

And I speak about my work: As a repeat guest on the Classical Ideas Podcast and National Public Radio and at the Religion Seminar at Columbia University and the Religion News Association.