I write about religion in America for The New York Times and elsewhere.

The Revealer, in an interview, said: “He has a particular talent for telling stories about complicated people with a kind of lucid nuance.”

The Society of Features Journalism, in a portfolio award announcement, wrote: “Deeply reported and well-written profiles of fascinating religious figures. As a collection, they reveal as much about American spirituality as the individuals.”

My reporting has also won the Rockower Award for Excellence in Feature Writing and a Silurians Press Club award.

For The New York Times, I write about topics such as: New Age superstar Marianne Williamson and A Course In Miracles; an End Times evangelist who says the Bible foretold Donald Trump; the revival of a forgotten 19th-century scripture called the Oahspe; poet-turned-psychic Jane Roberts’s Seth channeling; the famed New York subway psychic known as Keano; and much more. Find some of that writing here.

I’m also a contributing editor and former staff writer at The Forward, where I wrote often about Black Israelites or Hebrew Israelites. Some of this work has been anthologized in a series from Routledge.

And I speak about my work, in places such as: At the American Academy of Religion, the Religion Seminar at Columbia University, Religion News Association, the Classical Ideas Podcast and National Public Radio.