I’m interested in religion and spirituality in American culture.

For the New York Times, I’ve written about the self-taught Egyptologist known as Dr. Ben, a veteran Theosophist bookshop, a bakery specializing in the cuisine of the Nation of Islam, a peddler of talismans in Brooklyn, and what it was like being a Jewish lobsterman in Maine.

My work on the Black Israelite or Hebrew Israelite movement has been published in the Atlantic, the Washington Post, on the music site Genius — where I wrote about the community’s influence on rap stars Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black — and will be included in a forthcoming anthology from Routledge.

I also illustrate and take photos to go along with my writing.

As a staff writer at the Forward, I covered many topics — including a Sri Lankan guru and his Jewish disciples, a series on the growth of Judaism among the Igbo of Nigeria, and more coverage of the Hebrew Israelite movement. I also wrote about how a resurgent white nationalism is impacting the Jewish community. A full list of my Forward bylines can be found here.