I’m interested in religion and spirituality in American culture.

For the New York Times, I’ve written about a local revival of the Oahspe, a forgotten 19th-century bible produced by a Manhattan dentist-turned-prophet; the self-taught Egyptologist known as Dr. Ben; a veteran Theosophist bookshop; a bakery specializing in the cuisine of the Nation of Islam; a peddler of talismans in Brooklyn; and what it was like being a Jewish lobsterman in Maine.

As a staff writer at the Forward, I covered many topics — including a Sri Lankan guru and his Jewish disciples, a series on the growth of Judaism among the Igbo of Nigeria, and coverage of Hebrew Israelite traditions. My profile of a young Jew from the Ohio suburbs who grew up to become a militia leader won the Jewish Press Association’s first place Rockower Award for Excellence in Feature Writing. A full list of my Forward bylines can be found here.

My work on contemporary Black Israelite or Hebrew Israelite traditions has been published in the Atlantic, the Washington Post, on the music site Genius — where I wrote about the community’s influence on rap stars Kendrick Lamar and Kodak Black — and will be included in a forthcoming anthology of scholarship from Routledge.